This is my little nook where I will post kaptures from my curious, feline life.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In the House.

Soon I couldn't believe my eyes, but I was being carried inside the beautiful big house.  Both the girls kept holding me and carrying me from room to room.  Then they set up the bathroom to be my first indoor space.  They got it all ready and even gave me a bath.  Wow, did I whiten up and said goodbye to my little flea friends.  The girls said something about how dusty I was and that I had these adorable little spots dusted on my back.  Well, when they all went to bed, I did not like it in this room.  So I meowed my loudest.  Low and behold the two girls came and brought me into their room between their pillows.  This was the life.  I was so excited I rewarded the younger girl with good night kisses on her face and slept right on her shoulder.

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