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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My New Family - Meeting Dash, the BIG dog!

My new home is a pretty big place, but not big enough that I wouldn't sooner or later have to meet the BIG dog.  Everything about him was BIG.

Anyway, I was ok as long as we kept our distance from each other.  The BIG dog never bothered me or chased me or even tried to sniff me.  He is really a very sweet, gentle dog.  But his sheer size just plain scares me.  I think I could fit in his mouth.  I am getting better and not hissing or arching when he walks past me.  I think I heard my Mom say that she wishes the new kitten would curl up and snuggle with the BIG dog.  She thinks it would make a great photo, and boy does she take a lot of photos.  I hate to disappoint my new Mom, but I am just not sure if snuggling with the BIG dog is gonna happen.  If it does, I hope Mom has her camera ready  :-)

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