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Monday, July 9, 2012

My New Family - Meeting Bubbles the Cat

When I felt confident to meet my new family, my new Mom set up this cool cat apartment in the family room just for me.  I think it was an old dog crate, but I didn't mind.  I felt pretty safe in there.  I met Bubbles the cat first.  I was so happy to see a member of the cat family will be part of my new family.  He didn't hiss or spit or anything at me.  He just looked at me and tried to play with me.  We batted at each other for several days before I was allowed out of my apartment. 

Bubbles stayed by my apartment all the time just watching me and me watching him.  Wow, he is a BIG cat.

Once I was allowed out of my apartment, the cat play began.  Since Bubbles is such a big cat, I always take the submissive position and bat back at him.  We have been playing hard.  Sometimes our Mom has to break it up because we get a little rough.  Mom was pretty worried about me because I am so little.  But one morning I heard Mom say she is worried about Bubbles.  His one eye was swollen.  Oops, I am sure my sharp little hind claw got him.

Bubbles and his sore eye.

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