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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Leaving the Front Porch

My life changed drastically early one morning.  I had already said good-bye to four of my litter mates.  Blackie went to the neighbor's of Grandma and Grandma.  Then a lady came after seeing a sign in the vet's office for free kittens.  She took my twin brother and my two calico sisters to live on a farm.  It was very sad to see them go.  Everyone hopes they are going to be taken good care of.  My last sibling, Tigger, still lives on the porch with my mama.  Grandpa wanted to keep one kitten to stay with my mama so she wouldn't get so sad.  He is the one that looks just like her.  I think it was hard on Grandpa to see us all go.  But he has been having fun watching Tigger and Mama.

Early that morning, the two girls put me in this retro blue laundry basket that was salvaged from the basement.  They taped cardboard to cover my head and put me in this vehicle and off we went.  Where we were going I had no idea.  But I didn't stay long in the basket.  I meowed my loudest meow just like the evening I was in the bathroom.  It worked again, and the younger girl put me on her lap.  I remained there for what seems like a whole day.  I did have breaks where the girl put me on a pillow and I got to watch out the window.  The world was moving very fast.  I couldn't keep up with everything and soon I spun backwards and fell into the younger girl's hands.  My little pink nose turned pale and my stomach hurt.  I then got a little sick.  That wore me out and I slept in the blue basket for a long time. 

When I woke up I heard excitement as the two girls were getting out of the vehicle.  I was wisked into a new home, up some stairs and into a sweet girl's room.  Wow, is it nice in this room.  There were balls to bat, pom poms to chase and best of all a dust ruffle to hide under.  But at this point all I was interested in was the pillows on the bed.  I slept and huddled in the pillows for a few days.  I heard all sorts of strange sounds coming from outside the bedroom door.  I was curious, but didn't want to know anything yet.  My two girls came in all the time and loved me, played with me and slept with me.  I think I am in my new home.  Far, far away from my life on the Front Porch.

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