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Monday, July 9, 2012

My New Family - Meeting Giget the Dog

The next family member I met was Giget.  She was more my size, but not a cat.  She is a dog.  I have only known my cat family from back on the Front Porch.  I have never been so close to a dog before and I must be careful.  Giget was very curious of me at first and a little pushy.  My new Mom kept having to hold her and call her as she wanted to get too close to me.  But living in my little apartment helped us both get used to each other.  One time my Mom let me out of the apartment and let Giget get in it.  That was funny.  Giget liked going in my apartment as she got to sniff and check out all my cool things.  Giget doesn't like to play much, she just seems to want to guard my Mom.  Giget is always very close to Mom, especially when she is holding me.  But all in all, she seems to be a good little dog and Mom sure loves her.  I think we will get along well.

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